• Aspire Odan & Odan mini coils - 3 pack

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    3 x  Mesh Coils for the ODAN and ODAN Mini Tanks 

    • 80% Linen Cotton + 20% Organic Cotton = A Great Combination

                        This high temperature resistant cotton is efficient at a slower wicking                        rate than regular cotton and has antibacterial propensity. A fresh and                        natural organic cotton. This cotton has a high-rate e-liquid absorption                      and maintains a steady flow. Combine these two materials together                          and you get stellar e-liquid flow to the coil that provides the proper                            amount of e-liquid to the coil and delivers outstanding vapour and                            taste.


    Available in


    0.3 mesh - 35-45 w 

    0.2 mesh - 50-60 w